Perception (6CD/6DVD, Boxset): Doors

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Perception (6CD/6DVD, Boxset): Doors
Perception (6CD/6DVD, Boxset): Doors Detail
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For years, the recording industry has asked fans to purchase the same music from the 1960s and ’70s over and over again, via remasterings, repackagings, and, of course, reformattings. The Doors’ box Perception (get it?), cleverly packaged as… a door, does hold some astonishing music, but the thing itself is a weird hybrid beast with multiple formats for every release. Each of the group’s six albums has not only been re-remastered (this time by the remaining band members plus original e…

‘The Doors announced themselves to the world with a near-perfect debut album,’ writes veteran rock journalist Ben Fong-Torres in his notes for this unprecedented box. Indeed, The Doors’ self-titled 1967 debut recorded in late ’66 struck awe in fans and critics alike, and heralded the arrival of the one the most original and daring bands ever. Through five more studio albums, The Doors were fronted by the legendary Jim Morrison, and continually pushed the boundaries of contemporary music …

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Perception (6CD/6DVD, Boxset): Doors

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